Spouse being persued for part of debt?

Hi, I am a newbie. I’m going thru a bankruptsy in OR, and the legal aid group asked for my x spouse’s details, age, name, etc..they sound like they are going to go after him. I’m going to do the full on request for hardship around college loans if I possibly can and the only thing I can think of is they could go after him for part of the interest that accrued on them during our marriage, has anyone experience with any of this?

Or could they go back over the divorce paperwork and go after him if they think it wasn’t fair. He apparently just wanted a green card, and left me in very very poor straights during the divorce, I negotiated with his lawyer, I was so poor and got only 2 grand and made him take his credit card debt from very man restaurants(excessive purchases of food to impress others as well).

All I know is that in my own divorce my ex accepted full, sole responsibility for a vehicle we’d bought during the marriage. He stopped paying for it and the people that held the debt garnished my wages. The only way I can stop paying for his van is to declare bankruptcy but right now this is my only real debt. But the judge set a monthly payment, which beats the weekly garnishments. The van was bought during the marriage and both our names were on the original purchase papers. No clue if this will help but this is my experience. Oh, and I’m in Michigan.