There is nothing to fear but fear itself

There is something to be said about, there is nothing to fear but fear itself…When we allow fear to guide us, we tend to make some poor choices. At this point you can’t afford this. I agree with qkjones, “get any job”, for more than one reason. Idle hands make idle minds!

Alot of people do not take jobs below their pay scale for reasons that I don’t have time to get into. But this sets them up for more depression, lazyness, and increased spending. There are many organizations now that can assist you including churches, till you can get back on track. Dave Ramsey’s site is a good tool also.

The best thing is what you are already doing…seeking advise. Roman’s 12:2 Renew your mind and God will take you where you need to be! Praying for you and many more as we tread this economy.

God Bless you and yours!