Another check in of a dedicated saver

Hi All!

I’m glad to see so many familiar names here! I was hoping that most people would just transfer over to this new list. I’m Debbie, wife to my great hubby Jeff and mom to Jaysn (12) and twins Joshua and Christopher (10). I’m a former special education teacher who taught in the public schools for about 12 years (some full time and some part time) along with teaching in a drug and alcohol rehab center and at a juvenile detention center. I now am a homeschooling mom and love it and the lifestyle that comes with it. We are a Christian Family who seeks to honor the Lord in all we do and that involves being good stewards off all He has blessed us with.

Our home is in a tiny farming community in Eastern Washington state. We love the lifestyle here with everyone helping each other out. This time of year that means getting phone calls from friends saying their cherry trees are ready to pick and so are the raspberry patches! We had already finished with our Lambert cherry tree, so we headed out to pick Bing cherries at a friend’s farm yesterday. Yummy! This is also the time of year that everyone is tending their gardens (including us), canning, dehydrating, making jams and jellies, etc.. It also means sharing all the lettuce you have in your garden before it goes to bolt in the heat! LOL! Our family is very active! Besides homeschooling year round, the boys taking swim lessons during the summers and playing other sports the rest of the year and trying to just keep up on the housework, we find ourselves with lots of other things to occupy our lives. We share our home with 2 dogs, 3 cats and about 12 fish (at last count).

Our home is tiny and we try to cram everyone and everything into it! LOL! We have strived to make our home a warm, inviting and welcoming place for friends, family and anyone who needs some love to be. We pretty much have an open door policy here. Friends come by all the time, I never know how many kids will be in and out of the house and yard at any time, and the phone is always ringing! There is always room for one or 2 more here for meals and to stay the night (from kids through adults). We are also very active in our church (about a 30 minute drive) and enjoy it and the fellowship we share there soooo much! I enjoy working in the baby nursery there once a month, singing in the choir, teaching VBS, reading budgeting and payday loans tips and being a table leader with my husband on Wednesday nights. My husband is an usher and table leader. Our kids are all active in the youth groups and love church!!! More important than that, they love the Lord! Our children enjoy writing songs. They will frequently write one and sing it while Josh figures out how to play it on the piano. Josh has a gift for being able to play piano by ear. He did not get that from me or his father! LOL!

Jaysn has a gift for writing both songs and stories. He also loves to write and illustrate his own comic strip. He draws beautifully free hand. Christopher is our clown! He keeps us all laughing with his humor. He and Josh also are our sports minded children. They can be found playing pick up games of basketball with people of all ages. My husband is a very loving and hardworking man. He is working construction for a dear friend of ours now and loves it. It’s hard work with long hours, but he is learning a skill that will help us to some day be able to have a large home. We really would like to be able to have a huge older home and open it up to incoming college freshmen that are away from their families for the first time and need a good Christian home environment to be in. This has been on our hearts and right now, our home is just too small to do it.

I really want it to be a welcoming place where they and their friend will be part of our family and yet have some privacy at the same time. God will make a way for this in His timing! As for me, I enjoy gardening, reading, cooking from scratch, spending time with friends and family, my pets (ok, so I call them my babies) and many other things! Our family is very close knit and I cherish the time that I have with my kids and husband. We really do all enjoy each other! We love to cuddle up for a good read or to watch a video together, make cookies or wontons in the kitchen, play board games or go to the park and play together. Camping is also something we love, but never seem to have enough time to do much of it. Now that I have written a book, I’ll stop! LOL! I need to go and rescue a plant from a kitten who thinks it’s just delicious!