Treasure trashing

Treasure trash, dumpster diving, curb picking…. no matter what you call it, we do it and it saves us money. I have found some great items at no cost whatsoever:

  • swivel desk chair
  • wood base lamp (even had a working light bulb in it!)
  • curtains for a large window that were still in the dry cleaning bag
  • small area rug
  • tie out stake for the dog
  • wooden crates
  • wood skids that we broke apart and used the wood for camping firewood
  • decorative curtain rods
  • hanging plant baskets
  • extension cords

That’s just what I remember off the top of my head. DD17 found the lamp and the swivel chair when she was 6 yo at the dumpster in the apartment complex where we had just moved in to. Let me tell you, that was one proud little girl as she rolled that chair up the side walk and proclaimed “Look what some idiot threw away!” We used the chair for 8 yrs and then sold it at a yard sale for $8.

In addition, I like to “put the word out” like Amy D. does. This has worked well for us. We got our computer desk that way from DH’s coworker that was liquidating his parents home after they went to a nursing home. Got twin beds that way too. If you are looking for something in particular, tell everyone you know to be on the lookout. It just may turn up.

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