Priceline gas card

Has anyone used the Priceline gas card? I got mine a couple of weeks ago, but have not used it yet. So far they are not saving me any money.

You have to pick three gas stations in your area… but they are expensive gas stations… It then shows you the “average” price for gas at those stations. Right now I’m paying $1.48 at the cheap place in town. That station is not offered at Priceline, but stations down the road are, and it tells me the “average” price is $1.56, so they offer me a discount opportunity of $1.51. Maybe if I was paying $1.56 that would be a deal, but since I have to go to the “fair” chance to just save .04 a gallon it hardly seems worth it.

I’ve also tried picking one station close to me, and two more that are further away but cheaper, and it averages out better… Still don’t save the “up to 20 cents a gallon” they advertise.. .more like .04-.08 cents. I don’t know if they will still let me get that price at the station near me though…